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Ratings: 8.4/10
Genre(s): Serial drama,Political thriller,Espionage thriller,Action thriller
Directed By: Joel Surnow,Robert Cochran

Synopsis: Jack Bauer, an agent working for Los Angeles’ Counter Terrorist Unit, solves various cases along with his dedicated team. Jack comes down hard upon criminals, not bothered by the consequences.


Download full  English Tv Serial  24 Series First Seasons All Episode 01 to 24 full hd 720p and 480p Watch Online

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 Episode S01E01[480p]  ||  Episode S01E01[720p]

Episode S01E02[480p]  ||  Episode S01E02[720p]

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Episode S01E04[480p]  ||  Episode S01E04[720p]

Episode S01E05[480p]  ||  Episode S01E05[720p]

Episode S01E06[480p]  ||  Episode S01E06[720p]

Episode S01E07[480p]  ||  Episode S01E07[720p]

Episode S01E08[480p]  ||  Episode S01E08[720p]

Episode S01E09[480p]  ||  Episode S01E09[720p]

Episode S01E10[480p]  ||  Episode S01E10[720p]

Episode S01E11[480p]  ||  Episode S01E11[720p]

Episode S01E12[480p]  ||  Episode S01E12[720p]

Episode S01E13[480p]  ||  Episode S01E13[720p]

Episode S01E14[480p]  ||  Episode S01E14[720p]

Episode S01E15[480p]  ||  Episode S01E15[720p]

Episode S01E16[480p]  ||  Episode S01E16[720p]

Episode S01E17[480p]  ||  Episode S01E17[720p]

Episode S01E18[480p]  ||  Episode S01E18[720p]

Episode S01E19[480p]  ||  Episode S01E19[720p]

Episode S01E20[480p]  ||  Episode S01E20[720p]

Episode S01E21[480p]  ||  Episode S01E21[720p]

Episode S01E22[480p]  ||  Episode S01E22[720p]

Episode S01E23[480p]  ||  Episode S01E23[720p]

Episode S01E24[480p]  ||  Episode S01E24[720p]

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